10 Wilderness Survival Tips You Must Know

wilderness survival tips you must know

Today, people often take for granted what they have in life. We are always busy with our daily schedule that most fail to appreciate the ready supply of electricity or food, that is available in abundance at nearby food stalls by the road.

We also have packaged water bottles ready for our consumption; You can even easily build a fire with matches or lighters fire in at a push of a single button. Wilderness survival awareness is definitely lacking.

Have you ever given it a thought that you can lose them all, just like that? Hey! The unexpected happens. You may get lost during hiking or you get into an accident and suddenly it’s just you and the wilderness.

What would you do then? Well, below are the top 10 wilderness survival tips you can take with you to keep you and your family safe.

Wilderness Survival Mindset

Think positive and always trust in yourself. This may not mean much to you but optimism counts a lot especially in an emergency situation. Your attitude and what you believe matters too; I know it is scary to be alone but it starts from how brave you can be.

The initial idea is to know how to take matters in a realistic way, plan how best to deal with the situation mentally, emotionally and physically. You will encounter a lot of challenges that would make you panic.

Always remember to stay keep a calm wilderness survival mindset, take a deep breathes in and out; relax and think how to contain the situation, observe what you have and make your plan your way.

Tell Someone

Make it a habit to tell someone before you leave for a trip, especially to an unknown place. You may be going for an unexpected trip or you just have to rush somewhere to meet a person that you’ve just got to know or a complete stranger for that matter.

It’s always a good practice to inform your family members, close friends or colleagues on your travel plans and the time you wish to spend on your trip.

Stay Hydrated

Our body needs water to survive: water is life! If you have a water source nearby, then you are in luck, because your body cannot last for more than 3 days without water. Please take note to make sure you boil the water first before drinking.

But, in instances where you do not have a water body in sight; start looking around to make sure you find one before dawn.


Basically, what I mean here is value what you have, because the moment things go wrong, what you have in your purse or in your bag may just be the prized possessions that could keep you alive.

Your possessions are important and it is your responsibility to keep them in safe. Do not throw or lose your items along the way, you never know; maybe it is just what you need to survive when the time comes.

The smallest things matter and that include your shoelace, a bubble gum or even your water bottle and etc.

Keep Yourself Fed

It is frustrating not to have enough food during survival times. Lack of food for days will make you weak, malnourished and you will not be able to function well physically, mentally or even emotionally.

When you are deprived of food intake, you will not have the energy to move from one place to another. It’s always a good idea to educate yourself with the knowledge of berries, plants and the different types of mushrooms as you go out in the wild.

You also have to be “picky” to know what is edible and what is not. Survival means you embrace what you get like eggs, leaves and also wild fruits. Learn ways to make traps that catch small animals for food.

You need protein source for strength to keep your body going and stay strong. Learn more about your physical body and what it needs to keep it working optimally under an a scarce environment.

Build Fire

Fire is important for warmth, light, protecting yourself against predators, bugs and also to cook your food. Below are some of the proven and tested methods for starting fire:

  1. Battery procedure
  2. Ice fire
  3. Bow & drill
  4. Using lens
  5. Fire plow
  6. Soda can with chocolate

Navigating In The Wilderness

You will need a compass for navigating in the wilderness, especially when you are in an environment you are not familiar with. Well, what happens if we don’t have one with us?

Use the grand old navigation tactic – by looking at the stars, it is easier this way. Also, look at the direction where the river water flows and keep a lookout on mountain pathways; this may just lead you out to civilization and back home.

Survival Tools

Carry a pocketknife with you at all times, because really, you never know when you need it. This can also be a multi-tool or the like.

I mean, you’ve seen what wonders “MacGuyver” can do with it and that is not all fiction. You will be surprised how this little toolkit can make your live so much easier in times of survival.

You will be so glad to have something you can cut with; something we all take for granted in modern living.

Get A Shelter

The next thing you need to do is, find or build a shelter. After you have walked around and have gotten familiar with the surrounding; you can now decide where it’s best to build or set up a shelter.

By night you will need a warm place; an area where you feel protected. Overhangs can work best in rocky or mountainous regions. Leaves and tree limbs can also be used to insulate the shelter.

Check for leaves that can serve well as beddings. And that leads us to the final wilderness survival tip…

Stay Visible

You’ve seen it in the movies; make visible SOS sign out in the open for rescue plans or any plane that fly over your location to notice you. You can even use rocks to lay out a HELP sign to attract search parties attention.

The idea here is to make it visible that you want to be rescued.

There you go! Ten of the most important wilderness survival tips and skills you must know and educate yourself with to stay a life in the great outdoors.

I hope you have found from this article beneficial and as always, please feel free to leave a comment below or share it with someone whom you think will benefit from it.

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