17 Super Cool Survival Gadgets For Your Next Wilderness Adventure

Planning for the next wilderness adventure? Awesome! Because you have just landed on the perfect blog to help you with the; “must have” cool survival gadgets. I am a believer of, always be prepared than to be sorry.

Statistics show that 150 people die in the US while venturing in to the wilderness and many more die in hunting-related activities. Thousands have called for search and rescue help every year while in the outdoors and many have lost their lives awaiting rescue.

To increase your chances of survival in an outdoor emergency, we have identified some of the coolest survival gadgets and equipments to bring along. They are chosen for their practicality, durability and ease to carry.

The Top Cool Survival Gadgets You Must Have

Now, when I talk about survival gadgets I think of tools that are lightweight, multi- purpose and somewhat high-tec. They have got to be highly portable where you can wear them or easily stuffed away in your B.O.B. And they should blend in a way that; you don’t even know they are there. Let’s start out with the first item in the list…

1. B A S U eAlarm+ 

B A S U eAlarm+ Cool Survival Gadgets #1
4 stars

B A S U eAlarm+ comes with Airline Approved Batteries. It is also currently America’s top and most trusted Emergency Alarm. And the batteries (CR1632) 2x, comes together with the package.

This Smarthook Technology designed eAlarm has a semicircle loop function that triggers Tripwire Alarm instantly. Made highly portable and easy to use, it is activated by pulling the pin and re-inserting it, would deactivate the alarm.

It is very useful to scare off animals, as a personal alarm, a rescue signal
broadcaster, a portable alarm, a Tripwire alarm and an intruder alarm.

2. Garmin GPSMAP 64st

Garmin GPSMAP 64st - Cool Survival Gadget #2
4 Stars

If you are ever lost in the wild, Garmin GPSMAP 64st will get you to safety with pinpoint accuracy. Is has a 2.6 inch sunlight readable colour display, with 16 hours battery life (water rating IPX7).

The display resolution comes in 160 x 240 pixels and 8GB Expanded Internal Memory. There is also a high speed USB available and it’s NMEA 0183 compliant.

It works with 2x AA batteries (Polaroid AA batteries preferred). There’s also an optional rechargeable NiMH battery that comes with the package. This is a good environment friendly option; my number 1 choice.

Some of the device capabilities include; receiving Smart Notifications to pair with ANT+ sensors (optional), for example temperature sensor, speed/cadence, heart rate indication or for controlling VIRB camera.

Wireless data upload for viewing on smartphones is possible. Live Track capability and barometric altimeter functions are also some of the highlights with Garmin GPSMAP 64st.

3. NOCO Boost Plus

NOCO Survival Charger - Cool Survival Gadgets #3
4.5 Stars

This is your multi-purpose charger. You can use this to jump start your car batteries to charging your tablets, smartphones and USB devices. With the mistake-proof design, polarity protection and spark proof capability, it is super safe to use.

NOCO Boost Plus can be charged via any powered USD port making it most convenient for charging. It also comes integrated with seven LED flashlight modes from low to emergency SOS option.

The best thing about it is, it’s just about the size of a cell phone. This is among the top, cool survival gadgets in thte market!

4. Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighter - Cool Survival Gadgets #4
4 stars

Now, this is one of those cool survival gadgets that everyone wants to have one; The Tesla Coil Lighter. This is an Arc lighter, which means it starts fire using electric heat. There is no flame produced at all, and that makes it wind and storm proof.

It is USB rechargeable and sparks up readily with the press of a button. A full charging takes about 1 hour, and can last for 100 to 300 uses, or a week.

5. EMDMAK Survival Kit

EMDMAK Survival Kit - Cool Survival Gadgets #5
4 stars

If you are a person who catch and cook your own food, this survival kit is perfect for you. It comes with all the tools you need, but packed in a small case. I mean it’s like “Doraemon’s Magic Pocket”; you get a never ending supply of cool gadgets ?

It comes with a compass, a fire starter, a whistle, a wire saw making it convenient to cut just about anything. It also has a steel tool card that can be used as a screwdriver, position wrench and a can opener.

EMDMAK Survival Gadget a brilliant product that will help you keep on keeping on for a long time. And a waterproof zipper case that it comes with…it simply can’t go wrong.

6. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini GPS Tracker

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini GPS Tracker - Cool Survival Gadgets #6
4 stars

Spy Tec GL300 is a perfect tracker for assets, elderly persons, teens, spouses and vehicles. The M2 waterproof case provides a strong magnetic mount provides a secure attachment at all times.

This is one of the most reliable trackers in the market that boasts a strong battery life. The tracker can run for an impressive two weeks, once fully charged. That alone is a strong plus point for me.

Its compact design also comes with ABS plastics that provide long-term protection and durability.

7. Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Flat Multi-Tool

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Flat Multi-Tool - Cool Survival Gadgets #7

Wallet Ninja comes with an impressive 18 tools packed into one. What’s even more amazing is, it’s so small it can fit comfortably right in your wallet. This multi-tool can transform from a bottle opener, to a cell phone stand and to a fruit peeler.

I’m sure you can understand why it is so popular among survivalist and outdoor adventurers all the same. Come in the size of a credit card and guaranteed to never bend, dull or rust. This is one of my favourite and cool survival gadgets.

8. LEATHERMAN Surge Multi-tool

LEATHERMAN Surge Multi-tool - Cool Survival Gadgets #8
4.5 Stars

The Surge comes prepped with 21 tools, including pliers, knives, bottle and can openers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, an electrical crimper, a ruler, a wire stripper, scissors, files, a saw with blade exchanger and an awl.

Yes, the design is comparatively bigger and bulkier, but that actually makes out for a one-hand use. All the tools are accessible with one hand, seriously, it’s that ergonomically designed and I love it.

This is one of the toughest multi-tools in the market and has one of the best blades for a multi-tool. The blade is made of heat-treated hardened steel, and is wider and longer than the Wave.

This is our all time favourite survival gadget!

9. Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter - Cool Survival Gadgets #9
4.5 Stars

Clean, cheap and light, that’s the first three words that come to mind with the Sawyer Mini Water Filter. Weighing only at 2 ounces, it is capable of filtering 100,000 gallons of water but sells for a lot less than most filters in the market.

Removing 99.99999% of protozoa and bacteria, it also fits perfectly in your bug out bag without feeling the weight. You will see what I mean when you pick one up yourself. Sawyer Mini will easily become your favourite survival gadget. It’s a real game changer.

10. LEATHERMAN Tread Bracelet

Leatherman Tread Bracelet - Ultimate Survival Kit
4.5 Stars

This is an overbuilt utilitarian tool that is rugged and full of practical features. Tough as it may be, it’s also made with smooth curves to void scratching and catching stuff.

And it’s fair to say the Tread Bracelet is pretty elegant looking as well. This is a very well thought out tool, with almost every link carries 3 tools, while the ¼ inch link wears 2x flat drivers.

It can also be easily adjusted to fit perfectly on your wrist by removing or adding links in quarter or half inch increments.

11. MalloMe Cookware Mess Kit

MalloMe Cookware Mess Kit
4.5 Stars

MalloMe Cookware Mess Kit is a compact, all you need cook set for a solo dinner. All you need is to add a cutting board & a knife and you’ll be in business. This cookware is great for picnic, camping and a small outdoor gathering.

Made of non-toxic materials it is also easy to clean, owing to the non-stick surface of the cook ware. A ten piece cooking kit, it is easy to store, as the pots are collapsible and its accessories packs readily inside.

Weighing only 4 ounces, this FDA approved cooking set is easy to carry with the included Nylon travel bag.

12. EBL Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger

EBL Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger - Cool Survival Gadgets
4.5 Stars

Looking for a durable and environmentally friendly battery charger? Go for EBL Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger. It’s fast charging capability makes it really convenient to use, especially when you are travelling.

Its Advanced MCU System comes with intelligent cut-off and trickle charging that prevents over voltage or over current. The EBL battery is low in self-discharge and can maintain 80% of charge in 1 year of storage.

The package comes with 4 AAA 1100mAH NimH and 4 AA 480mAH rechargeable batteries and the charger.

13. Trilobite 550 lb Paracord

Trilobite 550 lb Survival Paracord
4.5 Stars

This survival bracelet may look like ordinary jewellery, but it can mean life and death in an emergency situation. Strapped innocently in your wrist, it can easily pass as an item of fashion. Un-strap it and you can use it to lift up to 550 lb of weight.

Trilobite 550 lb Bracelet Paracord can unravel into 6 to 9 feet long, depending on your selected length. And some of the purposes of use include for climbing, as a fishing line, extra rope or as an emergency tourniquet.

14. BEARZ Compact Pocket Blanket

BEARZ Compact Pocket Blanket
4.5 Stars

This is truly a multi-purpose blanket on the go! It weighs only 7 ounces and fits right in your palm when folded in its travel bag. This is the outdoor enthusiast’s best friend! You can use it as a beach blanket, camping tarp, and even as a hiking blanket.

It fits 2 comfortably, but if you can squeeze a little would fit 4. It’s also made with pocket loops at 4 the corners to cater for camping stakes. The BEARZ Compact Pocket Blanket is also waterproof, puncture resistant and durable.

15. Black Fly Tactical Pen Self Defence

Black Fly Tactical Pen Self Defence
4.5 Stars

In trained hands, a tactical pen can be a deadly weapon. In the hands of civilians, it can be an everyday pen that be used for self defence. It’s easy to carry and we use a pen almost every day, why not have one as a cool survival gadget.

Black Fly Tactical Pen also doubles as a glass breaker with its in-built aircraft grade breaker tip. It is ergonomically designed with “No Leaky Ink” and waterproof seals for the ultimate prevention against leaks.

16. Thorfire LED Lantern Light

Thorfire LED Lantern Light - Top 2 Cool Survival Gadgets
4.5 Stars

This is one of my favourites! Thorfire Portable LED Light is good for flashlight as well as lanterns, to light up your campsite. Folded up it becomes a flashlight, extended it turns into a LED lantern. Weighing at only 5.9 ounce it is just amazing!

With built in rechargeable batteries as standard, you save money and the hassle of buying stand by batteries. And if the battery runs dry and you are out of charging source, you can hand crank it for power.

It also comes with 2 lighting modes; High and Low mode. The High mode is great for reading, hiking and camping use. The Low mode however, is ideal for tent or area lighting.

17. Audew Solar Generator

Audew Solar Generator - Cool Survival Gadgets
4 stars

The last item on the cool survival gadgets list, and definitely not the least, is the Audew Solar Generator. What another universal charger? Well…yes.

I know…I know, but this is such an awesome find that I just can’t leave it out of the list. This is a bit bigger than the NOZO but it packs a much bigger punch to your emergency power supply. If you don’t mind the bigger size, take this one.

If you do, stick with the NOZO.

With 500Wh/156000mAH, it is still the lightest and smallest in its class with the dimensions of 11.5 x 7.1 x 6.4 inch. It also comes with a 12-month warranty, 90 days refund and 180 days replacement, terms and conditions apply.

Final Word

I hope you find the list useful. The survival market is jam-packed with new and cool survival gadgets almost every day. And although we do our best reviewing the survival tools in the market, it’s impossible to cover them all.

So, we need your help. Our dedicated readers and subscribers as one of our resources in alerting and letting us know of new survival tools in the market. If you have a gadget in mind that should be in the list please let us know.

Tell us about it in the comments below and we will definitely review it. If it fits our criteria we will definitely add that into this list.

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