Survival Clothing For Outdoor And Wilderness Emergencies

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a survivalist, proper survival clothing is one of the most critical gears you must have with you. You will need protection from head to toe, to tackle the extreme temperatures that nature may present to you at all times.

Be it cold or hot, and they must also be comfortable and fun to wear as well. And if you haven’t the slightest idea what survival clothing to get, do not worry because today we will be covering just that in this post.

So, keep reading on as we explain to you some of the most important items you must have and what materials to pick for different climate conditions. You will be surprised what you’ll discover.

Winter vs Summer Survival Clothing

Needless to say, your choice of survival clothes depend highly on external environments. On days when temperatures are low, you will require insulated and thicker clothing to protect yourself from extreme cold.

If its winter, you will also need to wear winter boots, a face mask and gloves to keep yourself from freezing. Core areas of your body, like your neck, heat, hands and feet must be covered to keep yourself warm.

Also, stay away from cotton clothing, because if they get wet from your sweat or rain, it loses its insulation qualities. During summer however, it makes sense to stick with thinner and ventilated clothing that are lightweight. You can also wear shorts if it gets too hot.

Sunglasses, a hat and even cotton clothing is suitable in summer months, since they dry up easily during this season and are highly breathable.

Survival Clothing Material

Cotton clothes

As mentioned earlier, these are great for summer but not so during winter seasons. The phrase “cotton kills” is very true when it loses its insulating properties when wet. So, they are not reliable if you are depending on the same cotton clothing for cold and a sudden downpour.


You will be surprised how resilient and effective they are. Silk is so soft and comfortable on your skin, that it makes a great base layer to put on. I just love silk 🙂


To me, this is arguably the best, if not one of the best insulating material around. Industrial boilers, steam piping and the like use wool for insulation, that’s how effective they are. Imagine what it can do to keep you warm. So, wool clothing is therefore, is a spectacular choice for survival preparedness.


Poly-fibre material clothing, the like of Gore-Tex, makes great outer layer survival clothing. They are most useful for protection against the rain and strong cold winds. The only problem is that this is not a breathable material, and can be really hot worn on a hot day. But then you can just take them off when it’s hot and kept in your bug out bag as they are light and easy to carry.

Best Outdoors & Wilderness Survival Clothing

Well, I will kick it off with items you need from top to bottom here, and to start off:

1.  Hat

Research shows that we lose about 10% of our body heat from our head; naturally it makes perfect sense to cover it up when you are in a cold environment.

A conventional hat will not do the job here; you will need something that would keep your head warm. A face mask or a beanie would be best in this occasion. It will not only keep your head warm, but will cover your face as well if you need to.

Oldelf Tactical Outdoor Mask

survival mask

This is a true survival gear and can be used as a scarf, a multi-purpose mask, cap and a sand and wind cover. This mask even keeps the shoulders covered from the elements too.

This is a true survival gear and can be used as a scarf, a multi-purpose mask, cap and a sand and wind cover. This mask even keeps the shoulders covered from the elements too.

Made of fleece (one size fits all), it feels astonishingly soft, versatile, wind-proof, warm, dust-proof and really comfortable . You will just love it!

2.  Eye Protection

This is one important survival clothing item that is often over looked. Be it a pair of sunglasses or goggles, they are essential in keeping your eyes protected. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the blinding sun, especially on a hot and sunny day.

Goggles however, protect your eyes from flying particles on a windy day. It’s also great when it’s snowing, to maintain a clear vision.

Pyramex Highlander Plus Survival Goggles

great eye protection

Is our choice here for the best survival eyewear. It is made of polycarbonate lens that is impact resistant, water proof, scratch proof and fog resistant as well.

These qualities are important in keeping your vision clear and eyes safe from potential injuries. Pyramex Highlander adapts to your face contour, providing you with a custom fit. It comes with adjustable elastic strap and its removable if not required.

The inner foam lens clip is removable, providing extra protection and comfort from particles. You can also remove the strap and lens clip for a sportier look as well.

3.  External Shell Jacket Clothing

This is a must for any outdoor activity, be it skiing, hiking or camping as it offers remarkable protection from chilling winds. Shell jackets come in hard and soft shells, some are thick and made of wool and fleece.

When deciding on a survival jacket, one very important factor to consider is comfort. You must feel comfortable wearing it and should not be too lose or too tight. There must also be sufficient pockets for you to keep other essential survival gears too.

Columbia Glennaker Survival Soft-Shell

top pick survival clothing

It’s made of 100% Nylon with Columbia’s signature Omni-Tech fabric for ultimate comfort and protection. This also means that the material is water-proof, durable and breathable.

This soft shell jacket also comes with adjustable hum and cuffs and a stowaway hood. It’s a timeless and versatile fit for your outdoor survival needs,

4.  Survival Pants

When shopping for pants, make sure you get one with the right size. Too big or too small a pants, will hinder your movement. Make sure to also get one that is water resistant, well most of them are, but just to be sure.

One that comes with an adjustable waist will be great, normally has a drawstring cord for adjusting the tightness. It just adds that much to the comfort. Polyester, spandex, Nylon and a combination of these materials are normally used for these pants.

I always like one with a few more pockets; I mean you can never have enough pockets for your survival kits and gadgets you know.

CQR Tactical Pants Lightweight

top pick clothing - pants

CQR Tactical Pants are constructed with the law enforcement and military performance design in mind. It is made of 35% cotton polyester and 65% polyester ripstop fabric materials.

The Duratex Fabric used is great for repelling dirt, liquids and other contaminants introduced by the elements. CQR also comes with 8 multi-purpose cargo style pockets that make good storage spaces for your survival kits. Another great feature that I love is that the material is wrinkle, shrink and fade resistant.

5. Gloves

Gloves are crucial, especially when you are planning for a winter outing, camping, skiing or hiking in snow. Go for winter gloves that are water resistant, weather-proof, properly insulated and yet flexible as well.

Don’t get gloves that are so thick, you can hardly move your fingers. You must be able to move freely in them and most importantly, they must keep your hands dry, warm and comfortable.

FREETOO Survival Gloves

best outdoor gloves

This is by far one of the best tactical gloves available in the market. With its heavy-duty construction it provides maximum dexterity and protection to your hands. The best part is, you do not lose the flexibility of your fingers wearing them.

They are made of breathable odor-free materials that also come with functional vents that promote circulation. This also makes the gloves suitable for both hot and cold weather.

6. Socks

A good pair of good survival socks will help to keep your feet warm, comfortable and free from soreness, especially if you are wearing a new pair of boots.

Socks made of wool are the preferable choice here, however acrylic is a good alternative and cheaper a one as well.

Darn Tough Hiker Cushion Socks

socks for the wilderness

Darn Tough Survival Socks are made of 3% Lycra, 36% Nylon and 61% Merino Wool and it is the go-to socks for hikers and survivalist alike. These socks are not just tough and durable, but also exceptionally comfortable to wear.

With the fine Merino wool and performance fit construction, they provide excellent protection against blisters, bunching and slipping. They also keep your feet dry from sweat at all times and come with a lifetime guarantee as well.

7. Footwear

You must get a good pair of survival boots. You need boots that are made for rugged outdoor use. Boots that can withstand the torture of rough terrains. They must also be able to protect your feet and keep them comfortable at the same time.

The footwear must also keep your feet dry from, well insulated and properly constructed to provide excellent traction on slippery conditions. Another important quality of a pair of good survival boots is that they must provide you with good stability and support.

Timberland Chocorua Survival Mid Waterproof

top survival clothing item

Timberland Chocorua is the number 1 choice for hikers and survivalists who cherish the outdoors. And there are good reasons why. The Gore-Tex construction, mesh uppers and pure leather material make these boots rust and water proof.

They also come with fully gusseted tongue, EVA midsoles and anti-fatigue foot beds that are replaceable. They will keep your feet warm, dry, comfortable and well protected as you tackle the rough terrains of the outdoors.

Well, there you go…this is our take on the essential survival clothing that you must have before embarking on an outdoor adventure. Hope you find this useful. And if you have any questions, just type on the comment box below.

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